What's your preference?

When you’re topping up the old ball pocket, it’s worth thinking of your own game rather than just how good the ball is. Sure, Mizuno's RB 566 & RB566V both give you long, consistent flights and short-game control (not too shabby!), but they have differences and finding out which is right for you is important.

What about Mizuno?

If you’re a confident ball-striker, the RB 566V is a fantastic way to increase ball speeds and distances along with outstanding greenside feel & control. If you’re not one for swinging particularly fast, the RB 566 golf balls give you plenty of confidence by placing more focus on straight, stable ball flights without losing that greenside feel.

The answer...

Don’t worry, this isn’t a test – You don’t have to know the answer! There are a wide variety of golf balls available from Mizuno alone, and fortunately, we’re on hand to figure it out for you.